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Attain full productivity and maximum profitability! In her work as a Chief Intuitive Officer, Irene Lane has built an international following as an advisor for small companies, international conglomerates, business owners, and executives. With her direction, companies are empowered to take their businesses to the next level in the shortest time possible. After an initial trial session, additional sessions may be contracted. Irene is available to conduct phone conferences CEOs or company representatives. At the conclusion of the sessions, Irene provides clear and concise advice for moving the company forward, providing the company is capable of sustaining that expansion. Today, all of Lane's corporate business is attained by personal referrals. In addition to her work with CEOs, Lane also leads workshops and seminars at locations around the country and abroad. 


Eliminate confusion, solve emotional issues, and discover a deeper connection to the animal kingdom! Irene Lane has been selected as the top animal communicator in the nation by Jill Fineberg. A national book highlighting Irene's skill set with animals is currently being completed and published. She is considered one of America's most respected and esteemed animal communicators, specializing in the behavior of cats, dogs, horses, and exotic species. Specialties include her ability to:

  • Eliminate confusion by giving voice to what the animal is trying to communicate
  • Solve issues of emotional upset in the animal, as people often do not read what the animal wants correctly
  • Communicate the why behind growling, sadness, ill health, aggression, inappropriate conduct, etc.
  • Help animals and people better understand and know their purpose together
  • Get to the bottom of new or troubling behavior
  • Find a missing animal and lead him or her home
  • Assist in animal and client end-of-life decisions


Move forward with a fulfilling experience of life! Irene prefers to take a more holistic method when dealing with her clients, taking the time to look into what's really going on with them, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Irene continuously looks into matters of health, wellness, relationships, work, creativity, finances, and love for her clients. She views past, present, and future events. She looks into the existing challenges present in her clients lives and implements her mission statement in every reading: healing the world forward. Irene's primary focus is on communicating to her clients the information they seek. Whether they are looking to generate enhanced meaning in relationships, financial prosperity, health, peace, spiritual insight or lifestyle coaching; Irene's focus is on their vision.


For inquiries and referrals
- Email
- Call 610-328-1933
- Or toll free internationally 1-866-Irene-94